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Bulancak's Tourism

Located around 56km away from the center of Giresun when entering through Evrenkoy - Erimez - Yavuzkemal, Bektas Tourism Center comprises a whole with the Kulakkaya Plateau, Melikli Obasi Plateau, Kurttepe Site and Alcakbel Forest Picnic Site. There are three alternative ways to access Bektas Plateau other than the above-mentioned route. These are the roads through Giresun-Dereli -Yavuzkemal, Giresun-Batlama Deresi- İnişdibi and Giresun-Bulancak.

There is an infrastructure of electricity, phone, and water in Bektas Plateau. Bektas Plateau, which becomes a local center during summer months and where a market is set up, has bakery, grocery store and butcher’s shop as well as country coffeehouses. There is also a two-star Hotel in the plateau. The plateau is located at an altitude of 2,000 which is higher than the limit for growing trees, while the meadows and wildflowers display a very interesting landscape. The plateau, which can experience snow even in early summer, is suitable for skiing during winter in Kurttepe Site.

This draws interest in other seasons as well, as a landscape viewing point. Dereli and Bulancak District Governorships, and Bulancak and Yavuzkemal Municipalities organize Bektas Plateau Festivals in Bektas Plateau during the first week of August every year. The activities include various competitions, sports matches, folk dances and various entertaining shows.